I’m pretty excited about this new con in the NYC area on Saturday. I’ve never been to a casino before, so that’s also adding to my 5 year old excitement. BUT WHO TO COSPLAY?! I’m torn between Lady Sif or Vader….Help! Soon, if you’re in the area December 6th, come find me! Let’s play! For more information check out: New York Winter Con


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  • Here’s something pretty fun: I’ll be hanging out with Costume SuperCenter this coming New York Comic Con: October 9-12th! Not only am I going to be at their booth, but you’ll have the opportunity to meet some other amazing cosplayers and makeup artists! I’m also working on two very fun cosplays with Costume SuperCenter for you guys, so be on the look out for hints and sneak peaks! One of the costumes is pretty wonderful- if you catch my drift. So if you’ll be coming out to get your Con on, make sure you come say hey at Booth 1380! & Keep checking the link below to see what other fun things are in store for NYCC 2014!

Costume SuperCenter Special Guests at NYCC

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Sooo about that Lady Sif ;)

Soo I don’t know if you know this, but I’m going to be cosplaying Lady Sif at New York Comic Con this year- which I’m crazy excited about because c’mon, how badass is Sif, right?! I’ve been wanting to make this costume FOR YEARS, and I finally decided that this is the year. So what started out like any normal cosplay project, you know – insane amounts of research and brainstorming- turned into something totally unexpected.  I found an amazing cosplay inspiration and, for lack of a better word- mentor- in Stealthy Cosplay. I would totally be pulling my hair out going insane over this Sif costume if I didn’t have Felicia to rein me in and give me amazing advice.

During my research of Sif costumes and cosplay I came across this youtube channel called Felicia Vlogs that has some amazingly helpful tutorials and just downright charming videos on how she made her Sif cosplay. I immediately had a girl crush. She was so calm and crafty that I was like “I have to pay attention to how this girl did this”- I’ve never made any sort or Asgardian armor or weapons before so I studied the shit out of these youtube videos to see what she did. After hours of creeping tumblr at other pictures of Sif for references I stumbled across a photo of her finished Lady Sif cosplay that I recognized from her youtube videos and I immediately geeked out. I knew I just HAD to message her to praise her for her videos and how much I liked her version of Lady Sif. I felt dorky as hell doing it, but when someone impresses me, I’m damn well going to praise them. We became tumblr friends (OKAY OKAY I KNOW IM BREAKING THE FIRST RULE OF TUMBLR BUT SHH) and she told me if I ever needed help or advice on the costume to let her know! Trust me, every step of the way I’ve bombarded her with questions and asked for advice on how to make this cosplay functional and she has always been beyond helpful, sweet, and has given me great ideas. I’m super excited with how my Lady Sif costume is coming out and I owe a HUGE chunk of thanks to Stealthy Cosplay for all of her help and inspiration. Love ya, guuuurl.

Not only does she make her own cosplays, but she also does commissions- so I highly recommend checking her out! Geek girls gotta stick together. Cosplay is a community, and everyone deserves recognition for their hard work!

So, go give her a “like”/”follow” for me! 

Felicia Vlogs

Stealthy Cosplay Facebok Page

StealthyCosplay on Twitter

I was recently given the opportunity to partner up with Costume SuperCenter to work on some really fun cosplay projects and review some of their items. After browsing their website I finally decided on Woman’s Sexy Darth Vader.  I’ve always loved Star Wars, and without a doubt have always been Team Dark Side, so Vader was kind of a no-brainer. I was beyond excited to receive this, and trust meCostume SuperCenters "Women's Sexy Darth Vader Costume", this costume lived up to my expectations- which were set pretty high! Not going to lie, I may or may not have instantly put the mask and costume on and ran around my house going about my day wearing it, but don’t tell anyone. 

The costume itself includes the jumpsuit with attached armor, (which let me tell you how awesome that is since you don’t have to worry about things sliding or moving around as you walk or sit!), the cape that Velcro’s pretty sturdily onto the shoulder, belt, and mask. Now I’m always a little concerned when it comes to catsuit like costumes because you never know if anything’s going to be too sheer, too clingy or too hot but its breathable and not sheer at all. The jumpsuit zips up in the back and the cape covers that over nicely. My only complaint about this costume is that it was a little loose, I probably could have done with going a size down but even though it was a little loose it didn’t really compromise how it looks, and I guess better safe than sorry in the sizing department.

Now let’s get to the fun part: THE MASK! I can’t even begin to tell you how badly I have always wanted a Darth Vader mask to run around in, and this is the one! I was a little anxious about it maybe being a helmet, because I have a LOT of hair like to an obnoxious extent, but since this costume comes with a mask you can actually style your hair around it. The options on how you can do your hair with this mask/costume are endless, and it’ll still be cute when you’re not wearing the mask to walk around in. Again, the band that goes around the back of your head is a little loose, but that’s nothing that can’t be fixed with a double knot to fit it to your noggin better. You know how masks usually get hot and uncomfortable to wear after a few minutes? Not this one. And trust me, when I say I ran around in this the second I got it, I literally had it on for a good hour before I decided to be an adult again and finally take it off. Fair warning though, this mask is not texting friendly. Vader for sure would have been going blind or dizzy if he were trying to take selfies in this thing for prolonged periods of time because your phones going to look underwater. BUT other than that you can see 100% clearly while wearing it, things are just slightly tinted like you’re wearing sunglasses. The mask also has some foam padding on the parts that your face/nose come in contact with and that def helps when it comes to the comfort factor.

Overall I would definitely recommend this costume 10/10. It’s very well made and I didn’t feel like I was wearing a halloween costume at all, I felt like a legit Sith Lord. This costume is super fun to wear and very flattering. Paired with some killer heels this baby is Con ready! I am for sure looking forward to wearing Sexy Vader again, and highly recommend checking out Costume SuperCenter!

Sneak peak at "Sexy Vader" from Costume SuperCenter!

Sneak peak at “Sexy Vader” from Costume SuperCenter!

So I’m excited to share: I’ve recently partnered up with some amazing people over at Costume SuperCenter to get to work on some really cool cosplay projects, reviews, and even *omg* New York Comic Con!

Here’s a sneak peak at their “Woman’s Sexy Darth Vader” costume! Full review coming soon, so be sure to keep an eye out for that and more! xx